8 things i just don’t understand about kids my age

I am,what I like to call, a borderline normal teenager. Like normal teenage girls I go to the mall sit with best friends and check out cute guys, worry if my hair looks right, worry about grades, disagree with my parents and the whole shebang!! But  there are still Things kids my age do that I don’t get. But I have my own Top 8list of things teenagers do that is beyond my range of understanding

1: Selfies

How does a picture of one’s laterally inverted mirror image with the cell pone covering 47.3% of the said person’s face come even close to cool? i won’t deny that some selfies are pretty cool but that is like just 2.3% of the selfies!! what is even the point of a selfie? I am not to proud to admit this but i even Googled “Why do people take selfies?” once! And Google actually came up with about About 20,20,00,000 results; I Know even I was surprised i half expected a Message saying “THAT IS EVEN A MORE STUPID QUESTION THAN ‘IS IRON MAN COOL?’ WHAT ARE YOU, RETARDED?” Honestly I don’t have a problem with selfies, it’s not like I disapprove of them; I just don’t get them!!

2: Consuming alcohol,drugs  and smoking

Now this I totally disapprove of. I fail to understand what could possibly compel oneself to pollute one’s body with things like alcohol and drugs and smoking Weed and cigarettes!! I mean come on!! *raises hands in frustration*How difficult is it to understand that cigarettes is cancer on a stick?? and Alcohol is.. umm… I don’t know..something really really evil in a bottle!!

3: Hashtags

one hashtag? two hashtags? four hashtags? I’m Cool with. I understand. But More than 5 hashtags is pure overuse and wastage of hashtags!! #Too #Many #Hashtags #Make #My #Head #Spin

4: Addiction to games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer

Okay I admit the only reason this gets on my nerves is cuz I have Zero hand eye coordination and am incapable of playing any kind of video game!!

5: usage of the word SWAG at least a gazzillion times a day!

Okay seriously People open a normal oxford dictionary and you will find swag to mean a piece of fabric fastened so as to hang in a drooping curve. How is it synonymous to coolness?

6: accumulating Dirty laundery

This strictly applies to guys and any guy reading this shouldn’t even dare to deny it cuz you know it’s true!! An average guy will at least wear a pair of jeans 2 more times than he should before washing it and the only reason he won’t wear it for that extra third time cuz his mum decides to put it in the washer before that pair of denims turn into a breeding ground for germs and filth.

7: Falling “madly” in Love.(every single month with a new person)

Dear Teenager,

The odds of you finding your soulmate in high school is one in a freaking megagazzillion.

yours truly,

A realist.

8: Extreme Lazziness

Me saying this is huge, cuz I’ll be honest and say I’m lazy too but I swear on my Batman Tee shirt that most People my age are way more lazy than me. I mean if You were to put a teenager ion a couch with access to his/her Phone a laptop internet connection, mirrors, and food the kid wouldn’t move for hours!!






8 thoughts on “

  1. rishabhkhaneja

    Selfie – Apne aap ki lena.
    Teens consume alcohol because they’re frustrated with their so called wasted lives.
    And well even to act cool sometimes.
    #hashtags #are #cool #deeprani #come #on #. #.#.#.
    #just #kidding
    No teen is addicted to games like temple run -_-
    Counter strike, FIFA hoga 😛
    SWAG stands for *Secretly we are gay* Trust me.
    What wrong in wearing the same pair of jeans for a whole week.
    I change the shirt daily. Nobody notices :3
    No comments about the real love waala thingy. I fell for the trap as well.
    Look who’s talking -_-
    Okay you admitted it yourself 😛
    Score is 4-3 now 😉
    Dare you write 2 posts in one day -_- 😛
    Just kidding 😛

    1. daquirkyteenager Post author

      Doubts clear kardiye tumne mere!!!!
      i still don’t get the usage of swag!!!and wearing the same pair of jeand for a week is gross!! >_< trust me i notice!! i have a guy in class who wore the same tee shirt for 2 damn weeks!!!YUCK!!
      and i'm still kicking ur butt in the blog off!! so don't even dare!! 😛

      1. rishabhkhaneja

        Dhanyawaad aapka.
        Kaha toh swag stands for secretly, we are gay 😛
        No its not :3
        Ohh my god. 2 freaking weeks.
        Woh bhi t shirt 😮
        Seriously, YUCKSS!
        Wait and watch, I’ve a lot of ideas coming in my mind lately! :3
        And blog off ki trophy june ke end mai decide hogi 😛
        May mai nahi 😛

      2. daquirkyteenager Post author

        tell me about it!! i almost wanted to throw up when he wore the same yellow tee for the 8th tym!! i was so relieved wen he finally stopped wearing it!!
        and May ho ya June Jitungi to mein hi!! cuz I’m the Babe!!! :3

      3. rishabhkhaneja

        Hahaha bas isiliye hi, He changed his tee i guess :p
        Oye oye babe hogi tu apne ghar mai :$
        Wordpress ka babydoll toh mai hi hoon 😉 B|

      4. rishabhkhaneja

        June ke end mai pata chalega.
        Kaun babe aur kaun babydoll.
        Better watch out, KID 🙂

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