Legen… wait for it.. dary



I have the biggest obsession with TV shows. Ask me anything  about TV shows and I’ll probably answer it with more information than the answer requires!!! Ask me who Marshal’s Boss at Goliath National Bank loved most and I’ll tell you! Ask me about the made up names phoebe uses and I’ll tell you!! ask me Sheldon’s qualifications i will tell you!! basically i love watching Sitcoms! And one TV show I love with every fiber of my soul is How I Met Your Mother and that show taught me a lot of things!! I swear it made me belive in doppelgangers!! for instance I learnt Nothing good ever happens after 2a.m!! I swear after watching that particular episode i have avoided taking major decisions after 2 am!! It made me believe in destiny and that what’s meant to be will be!! It also taught me to stay away from loud deafening clubs, not to get into a long distance relationships, telepathic convos can go wrong,slap bets are crazy fun and that a girl can be a bro too!!! but most importantly it made me want to write a blog!!


Thus came my awesome idea to blog! i have wanted to say “that’s going in my blog” like barney all my life!!

ANd finally i get to say it!!! i Have very recently found my love for blogging again (thanx to a friend) and this tym i mean business… so Suit UP cuz I’m going to blog lyk never before and and they are going to be so legendary that my blogging idol Barney Stinson’s would be proud!!#BarneyStyle


Recently I’d been feeling a lil low and sad and bored with life but in classic himym style i’m ready to stop being sad and be awesome cuz someone once told me -what’s the fun in being normal when you can be fantastic!!

 so i’m done with being a social hermit who never experiments and i’m ready to be fantastic!!


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