dedicated to her munchkin and his beanie!!


LOVE. A teeny tiny 4 letter word so liberally used. A topic absolutely every single person has an opinion about! Now love is one thing I have mixed feelings about. I believe it exists only in the wonderful world of Disney movies and romance novels but the existence of love in real life is a itsy-bitsy doubtful for me! I mean even if you ask me to give my opinion on love on a day when I’m feeling good I’ll probably say something  like ” Love is for stupid people.”. Nope my pleasantly cynical outlook about love is not because I got my heart broken so bad I’m scarred for life when it comes to love, nor do i think boys have cooties and I’m disgusted by the thought of 2 people falling in love, actually you probably won’t find another person in the whole wide world who watches as many Rom-coms as me or reads as many love stories as me! It’s just I’ve seen so many people do such crazy things when they fall in love. Girls behave so different they forget who they really are and do things you wouldn’t expect from them. they go from a cool and laid-back chick you call your best friend to psychotic clingy and freakishly scary possessive girlfriend who thinks every other girl  is out to steal her barely average boyfriend!! I mean seriously what’s wrong with them? They are so caught up in being the demented girlfriend they forget themselves and every other person in the planet and the guy they are dating becomes the sole focus of their universe! It’s pathetic really!!! That’s exactly the reason when two people in love act all mushy and sweet instead of saying “Aww aren’t they adorable!?” I go all “Allow me to throw up people!”

This is how I’ve been for a very long time. I haven’t seen a single loved up duo who I haven’t felt the need to roll my eyes at! all of them are same- crazy and stupid in love!! None of them seem to know how to balance their love life with their normal life.

Even though all this seems absolutely loopy to me I had come to accept that maybe this is how love is supposed to be-  farcical and retarded!!

That was until one of my closest friends went ahead and fell head over heels in love with an exceptionally tall guy! Now when I found out I was mentally prepared for her to slowly turn into this satanic human being I wouldn’t recognize but I was pleasantly surprised to see the one thing I never thought I’d see in a girl in a relationship- BALANCE.

Honestly even though I love how she managed to stay sane, I don’t see how she does it! A Neurotic ex boyfriend, a psychotic stalker of an ex-girlfriend, back-stabbing friends, family drama: you name it and This particular relationship has all the ingredients you need to make a crappy teen day time TV soap opera.

But even through all this craziness and drama the two of them manage to find their way back to each other.

I never thought I’d say this but when I see the two of them I do secretly go all, “Aww aren’t they adorable!?”

And trust me that is huge Because I don’t just throw around that sentence so easily. It usually takes watching Ashton Kutcher rush down to the beach in a pink car and then run along to the lighthouse on the beach so he can profess his love to Cameron Diaz(excuse the What Happens in Vegas Reference) for me to say something corny like that!!

But even I have to admit these guys are cute!! No matter how much I say the only good thing about her boyfriend is his extensive and daring collection of shoes (Seriously he’s like this male version of Blake Lively when it comes to shoes); deep down even I know he is absolutely perfect for my quirky fun loving crazy(in a good way :p) friend!! I don’t know the future of this relationship but it sure hope it is beautiful!

Looking at the two of them I feel Hope! Maybe not love sick people have to end up going batshit crazy, maybe just maybe a sane healthy relationship is possible! It makes me realize another thing I never imagined; it takes a brave person to take chances with love!

Don’t get me wrong I still think love is stupid people, but stupid people who are brave enough to take the leap of faith and take a chance with love!


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